Celebrating Four Years of Lunar Love

I can hardly believe that I am approaching the fourth anniversary of Lunar Love!

Four years ago I made an investment in myself and signed up for Susannah Conway’s Inside Story course. Taking Susannah’s course marked a shift for me in owning, embracing, and discerning what it was to be a heart-centered business. I began taking myself and what I had to offer seriously. From there, Lunar Love was birthed and I began sending letters out to my community that harnessed the wisdom and knowledge of the lunar cycle.

I have grown over the years, it has truly been an evolution for me. Naturally, these letters have grown with me, through my own natural ebb and flow that is life. From the early days of card and crystal readings and themed screensavers, to the current new moon ritual guides and seasonal playlists, I continually find myself distilling down what I can contribute and more importantly what my community finds valuable.

Full Moon

The first official Lunar Love letter was sent out on the spring equinox of 2016, which affirms the power of working with nature’s seasons and cycles. Here is the first issue of Lunar Love, if you would like to take a walk down memory lane ;)

These letters have provided the structure in which I have been able to embrace the natural cycle of the moon, nature, and the seasons. They are my biweekly ritual and check in. They’ve shown me how my life is woven into and reflected within that flow. They have permitted me to connect with amazing people ALL over the globe. They have woven a web of community and have given me a strong sense of purpose.

No matter what has been going on in life, I have sat down twice a month to write out my thoughts and reflections, only missing a handful of letters over the years. Lunar Love has taught me the importance of devotion, ritual, persistence, and commitment. They have also created a vast pool of insights for me to look back on as a marker on my path.

Astrology Calendar

Three years ago to celebrate the first anniversary of Lunar Love, I created an astrology calendar. The astrological new year begins with spring equinox, as such the calendar I made and continue to make begins in March.

Today, I prepare to unveil the third rendition of this calendar. With it I witness the growth of my knowledge, my willingness to show up without all the answers, and the power of celebrating one’s work!

If you already receive Lunar Love, you will gain access to a copy of this year’s current Astrology Calendar for free. I invite you to join our global community to receive your complimentary copy. You can also purchase it in the online boutique.

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Celebrating Lunar Love