Dear Intuition {April Love}

Dear Intuition,

We have really developed and deepened our relationship lately, haven't we? I've become much more intimate with you, building more trust with each passing moment.  

After countless years of dismissing you and brushing you off, you stayed true. You continued to provide subtle, and do I dare say, not so subtle hints to steer my compass. Each time I ignored you, I can look back with astounding clarity and pinpoint the moment you quickened my heart rate, made my hair stand on end, gave me a sense of knowing deep within my gut, provided a fleeting thought. And what did I do? I allowed fear, ego, societal beliefs, my own lack of confidence, and the "SHOULDS" impede you.

I am finally listening. It's a bit hard to let go of how I once did things and drown out the noise, but I am trying. I am committed to leading with my heart and trusting you on this journey. You have yet to fail me, even though I have failed you, over and over.

I embrace and welcome you with all your messages. It's an exciting adventure we are embarking on, isn't it? <3