What is an Altar?

When looking up the definition of an altar, it is defined as a structure upon which offerings were placed for religious purposes.

I define an altar as a sacred and personal space where we can connect with our intuition, higher guidance, source, nature, memories, ancestors, and so on. It is the creation of a beautiful arrangement of material goods that act as a reminder of an intention, goal, or memory. 

Altars act as physical reminders of what we are seeking or remembering. They constantly remind us of our intentions, acting as portals, calling in and anchoring our dreams here in reality.

An altar doesn't need to be fussy or complicated. I am confident you already have an altar set up in your home, you just might not realize it! 

bedside table books

Does your night stand contain a few items that aid you in getting a restful sleep? Perhaps you have a book, glass of water, and some nice lip balm or scented lotion that assist you in drifting off. This is a simple example of an altar. 

There are many different types of altars. We will explore three types together.

evergreen branch

Seasonal Altars

Creating seasonal altars help us usher in the energy of the new season, celebrate with rituals and customs associated with that season, and help us to bookend the previous season. They can assist us with releasing with what was, integrating what we have learned, and welcoming what is ahead.

Many of us already practice celebrating Christmas or Yule by putting up an evergreen tree. While modern times associate the Christmas tree with Santa or Christianity, the Yule tree actually stems from Paganism folklore where trees were worshiped and revered. Evergreens symbolized the Tree of Life and were used an offering to the gods. Greenery was brought inside as protection and to act as a reminder of the sun’s return.

incense potted plant

Personal Altars

A personal altar is having a collection of items arranged to support and empower us. Back to the example of the nightstand I gave earlier, having a selection of items within reach can support us with connecting and settling into ourselves. Whether you have a daily meditation practice by candlelight or light a stick of incense each morning or applying a favorite scented lotion before bed, having designated space and items that honor and reflect coming home to yourself is so important. It is something we all do quite naturally without being fully aware.

art gallery wall

Family or Communal Altars

Do you have a photo or gallery wall in your home? A family or communal altar is a designated space where we gather and honor our beloveds, special memories, and our achievements. It is where we can remember those who might not be with us and also celebrate milestones; whether they are personal or shared with others. Is this space adorned with plants, an arrangement of special books, or memorabilia? Maybe you have a collection of travel photography that reminds you of a special adventure. Communal altars are the space where we can be reminded of all we have accomplished, those who have supported us, and all the joys that have been shared along the way.

If you would like to bring more intention into your altar practice, I invite you to download the Cultivating Sacred Space E-book found below.

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what is an altar

Celebrating Four Years of Lunar Love

I can hardly believe that I am approaching the fourth anniversary of Lunar Love!

Four years ago I made an investment in myself and signed up for Susannah Conway’s Inside Story course. Taking Susannah’s course marked a shift for me in owning, embracing, and discerning what it was to be a heart-centered business. I began taking myself and what I had to offer seriously. From there, Lunar Love was birthed and I began sending letters out to my community that harnessed the wisdom and knowledge of the lunar cycle.

I have grown over the years, it has truly been an evolution for me. Naturally, these letters have grown with me, through my own natural ebb and flow that is life. From the early days of card and crystal readings and themed screensavers, to the current new moon ritual guides and seasonal playlists, I continually find myself distilling down what I can contribute and more importantly what my community finds valuable.

Full Moon

The first official Lunar Love letter was sent out on the spring equinox of 2016, which affirms the power of working with nature’s seasons and cycles. Here is the first issue of Lunar Love, if you would like to take a walk down memory lane ;)

These letters have provided the structure in which I have been able to embrace the natural cycle of the moon, nature, and the seasons. They are my biweekly ritual and check in. They’ve shown me how my life is woven into and reflected within that flow. They have permitted me to connect with amazing people ALL over the globe. They have woven a web of community and have given me a strong sense of purpose.

No matter what has been going on in life, I have sat down twice a month to write out my thoughts and reflections, only missing a handful of letters over the years. Lunar Love has taught me the importance of devotion, ritual, persistence, and commitment. They have also created a vast pool of insights for me to look back on as a marker on my path.

Astrology Calendar

Three years ago to celebrate the first anniversary of Lunar Love, I created an astrology calendar. The astrological new year begins with spring equinox, as such the calendar I made and continue to make begins in March.

Today, I prepare to unveil the third rendition of this calendar. With it I witness the growth of my knowledge, my willingness to show up without all the answers, and the power of celebrating one’s work!

If you already receive Lunar Love, you will gain access to a copy of this year’s current Astrology Calendar for free. I invite you to join our global community to receive your complimentary copy. You can also purchase it in the online boutique.

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Celebrating Lunar Love

What Is Ritual?

Ritual seems to be a buzz word that is everywhere lately, especially when paired with self-care. Beyond all the elusive trendiness of fancy photos and lofty ideals, what actually is ritual?!

I see ritual as a systematic approach that purifies and prepares us for something else. It is a series of steps we do to calm down and quiet ourselves so that we can be more present. Ritual is a predictable routine that supports us.

Rituals are ongoing regular routines. They can be daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Ritual can be broken down into three categories: individual, familial, and collective.

coffee and book

Individual Ritual:

Relate to us personally. The things we do for ourselves. A few examples of individual rituals are brushing our teeth each night before bed, making our bed, reading, sipping our morning coffee or tea, a meditation practice, or going to yoga once a week.

Familial Ritual:

Involve our family, both blood and chosen. Some familial rituals could be a weekly movie night, ordering pizza on a Friday, Christmas dinner, or birthday celebrations.

Collective Ritual:

Expand outwards to our greater communities. These could involve volunteering, an annual weekend away with a group of friends, the call to order of a meeting with an organization you belong to.

rose and lavender bouquet

Focusing on personal ritual has been deeply enriching for me, as I tend to struggle with structure and always want to rebel ;) What I have learned from ritual is that it creates predictability which then allows me to feel safe, secure, and settled. Ritual is a system that supports me to focus on the things that matter. We can find freedom within the structures and rhythms that support us.

Some of my favorite individual rituals include buying fresh cut flowers every other week, journaling, making and drinking my morning coffee, taking a hot bath, and lighting candles during the winter months.

Our familial rituals include Friday night movie nights, supper out with the kids at our fave burger joint once a month, picking my grandma up for lunch, and having coffee with both my parents and in-laws.

Collective ritual includes attending a quarterly charity event with friends called 100 Women Who Care. We always have supper together and it’s something I really look forward to. The Moon Wisdom group I run with Meghan Lynn and my Lunar Love letters are both community based rituals that I tend to each new and full moon.

Embracing ritual is a practice. It’s not intended to be super rigid or confining. Healthy ritual is flexible and supportive. When I start my day with ritual, I end up being more productive, present, and calm.

It’s often the simplest of tasks such as lighting a candle or taking a few moments to close our eyes that can help us feel supported. My guided visualizations and candles are complimentary to any practice; whether you are just establishing ritual or you want to enhance what you are already doing.

I would love to know what rituals you have developed. Let me know what your personal, familial or collective rituals are below!

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What is ritual? Recognizing the ways we already use simple rituals in our day-to-day lives.

How To Choose a Crystal

I’ve been working with and collecting crystals for years! Beyond simply being pretty to look at, crystals can be used as a tool to strengthen our intuition thus bringing more awareness and intention into our lives.

When talking about crystals, or any spiritual tools, it’s important to be mindful of where we are placing our expectations and therefore our personal power. I view crystals as merely a physical reminder of that which we are calling in or working towards, either intentionally or subconsciously.

I see crystals as the outward tangible manifestation of our innate power within. They assist us with practicing, listening to, and trusting our intuition. They can become beautiful allies that symbolize our growth and evolution.

raw quartz in hands

Keep It Simple

The first step in using crystals is to actually choose one. I suggest starting small and with one stone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a raw stone or tumbled or carved. When I began working with crystals, I would simply go to my favorite local metaphysical shop and select whatever stone caught my attention. Interestingly, the same gemstone I picked up every.single.time was citrine.

Be Present and Trust

When selecting a stone stay curious and choose something for the joy of it, without having to know why. Take a few deep breaths and sink into your body. Tune in by listening, following your gut instinct, picking the crystals up, and noticing what catches your eye. Don’t complicate things, selecting something that is pretty is reason enough! The simple practice of slowing down and being curious allows us to tune into some of the ways our intuition can work with and for us. It encourages us to get out of our heads and become more present in our bodies. It also assists us to connect with our inner child and tend to our innocence, which often gets buried in all the responsibilities of day to day adulting.

First Impressions

Once you have selected a crystal, spend some time looking at it. What do you like about it? Examine it’s shape, color, how it feels in your hand. Jot any thoughts, impressions, and observations you have down in your journal.


After you have spent some time jotting down your first impressions, research it! Type it into google and see what you unearth. This is where we use our heads to connect with our intuition and therefore cultivate more trust within ourselves. Finding information that affirms your instincts is a powerful process. I see our intuition as the key and our ability to research as the lock, when we meld the two together we unlock our potential. If you prefer to use a book, I recommend The Crystal Bible for reference.

Embrace the Process

Carry your new stone with you. Place it somewhere you will see it regularly either beside your bed or at your desk at work. Each time you look at it, it will act as the physical reminder of trusting yourself and learning something new. This isn’t a process to rush or accomplish, it is a practice. One that will evolve over time and at a pace that feels good to you!

When citrine came into my life, I was just starting to create talisman jewelry. Citrine is like sunshine in a stone, it reflects back to us our own inner light. It represents willpower, confidence, and joy. More commonly citrine is referred to as the stone of abundance and prosperity.

When I look back five years ago to when I first started working with crystals more intentionally I can see how citrine has represented ALL the joy, creativity, and warmth that was itching to come out. It continues to be one of my favorite stones. It reminds me that my creative gifts matter, that I matter, and that I deserve to be confident in who I am. It represents hope, optimism, and happiness.

Most of my crystal talisman pieces come with a story of their own. Practice strengthening your intuition by browsing through them. Jot down which one’s you feel drawn to and what your impressions are of them. Then read their story, do a bit of research, and see what comes up for you.

Come back and tell me what you discover.

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How to choose a crystal using your intuition!