By incorporating these tools into your self-care practices, may you find your way home to yourself, nurturing the connection within.
— Alauna Whelan

About Alauna

Alauna Whelan autumn tones

Hello and welcome! I am Alauna, the artist that creates all these lovely tools and products. I find much of my inspiration from mother nature, astrology, mysticism, and folklore.

In my previous life, the one before Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and kids, I worked in the mining and minerals industry. Having a background in quality control and quality assurance has definitely shaped and refined my eye for detail.

After the birth of my first son and debilitating PTSD, I turned to alternative modalities and unearthed my creativity as a means to support my healing journey.

When I couldn’t get any answers from the medical community, I leaned on methods that could support me such as meditation, somatic therapy, mindfulness, the use of plant aromatics, crystals, reiki, cranialsacral therapy, art, and astrology.

I spent years studying under some of the world’s well known mystics only to discover that my priority was to carve out my own path. As such, this means that I connect with those of us on the fringes. The one’s who don’t quite belong and the one’s who can see through the illusions. Those of us who prefer solitary practices. We are the shadow workers, bringing light to that which needs to be transformed.

I began creating rituals, that honored my own rhythmic essence. This helped me understand how enmeshed we truly are with mother nature. Her seasons and cycles had a predictability and wisdom woven within them. I was able to exhale and dig into the difficult work of finding my way back home to myself; to honor and embrace my divine feminine nature.

This foundation has allowed me to create items with awareness and intention. Products that support us in connecting to that quiet space rhythmically beating, deep within our hearts.

By cultivating simple self-care practices, harnessing nature’s elements, and finding harmony within the seasons, we can feel more fully supported, empowered, and therefore, transformed. Thus permitting us to embrace our divinity and find contentment in our daily lives.

Awesome as usual! Very high quality and attention to detail with all your products!
— JS
Beautiful wearable and powerful art! I love it!
— MK
Alauna’s creativity and insight is both an inspiration and a comfort. Her jewellery is magical and exquisitely made with love and stardust
— JL

What You Can Expect From Me

Beauty, luxury, quality, and attention to detail are what I strive to deliver with each interaction, giving you an experience to remember.

Taking pause doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as lighting a candle, inhaling an aromatic mist, or wearing a piece of meaningful jewelry or perfume.

By incorporating these tools into your self-care practices, may you find your way home to yourself, nurturing the connection within. And that each time you use these items you find a soft place to land.

femininity - water element intention candle