What is Red Tent?

"When sleeping women wake, mountains move" Chinese Proverb

The Red Tent is a safe space for women to gather, reflect, feel empowered, and gain support.

Ancestrally, women gathered together, in circle, on a regular basis. This was typically at New Moon when women were at their most energetic low, cycling with the lunar tides. These ritual gatherings were often referred to as a Moon Lodge or Red Tent. This is where women's wisdom, and knowledge was handed down through the generations.

As a certified Red Tent facilitator, I create space for women to connect and emotionally fill their cup each month. This allows women to experience true authenticity and vulnerability.

The Red Tent is a closed circle of women that meets once per month over eight months, from September through April. This allows women to deepen their connections with one another and build a solid sisterhood, while also gaining a better understanding of themselves.

Sitting in circle with women is one of the most profound experiences we can have. Magic unfolds when women show up with authenticity and share their vulnerability. Ancestral feminine wisdom flows through each individual, creating a vortex of powerful, protective energy. Harnessing and relishing in the beauty of what happens when women sit together, with intention, is nothing short of pure magic.

I am offering you an opportunity to connect with women, in a safe space, where you can awaken your creativity while recharging your body, mind, and spirit. 

A container where you can simply contemplate yourself and what it is that makes you, YOU!

A sacred circle where many of the tools are provided, all you have to do is show up and be willing to explore.




This is the perfect space for you IF:

  • you are longing for soulful connections with other women

  • you are seeking a supportive sisterhood built on mutual trust and respect

  • have a connection to your spirituality, femininity, and are ready to take a healing journey

  • are ready to be open, authentic, and vulnerable

  • are willing to explore and understand different aspects of yourself

  • you are in the space to take personal responsibility and accountability for investing in yourself

  • you tend to see the best results when you commit a program with regularly scheduled classes over a longer period of time


This is NOT the space for you IF:

  • you aren’t 100% ready to commit to your own personal development and spiritual growth

  • are not able to make a commitment to contributing to an ongoing sisterhood

  • you are unable to challenge your current beliefs and carve out new ones

  • this path doesn’t resonate, excite, and inspire you

  • you prefer a drop-in style program


The Red Tent Experience

The space Alauna created for us over the course of our time together was truly magical - it is always special to spend time with other women, but this was second to none. Being able to focus on our sacredness, our divinity, and at the same time deal with our very real lives, in a safe and encouraging circle was amazing. I have grown into a much more developed, grounded, connected woman as a result of the last eight months.
— A
I’m so glad I met Alauna & joined Red Tent! The circle and the women in it have changed my life. I feel such a deep connection to myself & Mother Earth. I enjoyed learning about who I am, the woman I have always longed to be. Every woman needs to belong in a place like Red Tent-pure, honest, real, love and great food!!! I will always be part of this group!!!
— JD
It was the most supportive and non-judgemental space one could ever hopeful. The women were all so honest and raw, we laughed hard and cried all while connecting with each other and forming a better understanding of ourselves.
— R
Alauna is offering something truly amazing and absolutely spectacular in her Red Tent workshop. I have Social Anxiety Disorder and she made me feel so welcome and safe. She has created a space for women to feel at home in their femininity and to feel comfortable to explore and come into their power. I would recommend Red Tent to any and all women.
— Jessica

What is included:

  • A personalized welcome package
  • Monthly circle time where we will explore our own sovereign divinity through the structure of the chakras, spending a full lunar cycle immersed in each of the seven energetic centers
  • Planned activities and discussions that will assist you in connecting to the subtleties of different feminine archetypes
  • Intention setting each new lunar cycle
  • A gorgeous manual complete with journal prompts, reflection tools, and activities to keep you engaged throughout each month
  • Delicious snacks, treats, and herbal tea at every circle
  • Beautiful themed altars and regular rituals to empower you to cultivate sacred space at home
  • A celebration complete with dessert and a personal gift from me to mark the completion of your journey
  • A private online Facebook forum for members to seek ongoing support and continue building connections outside of our time together
"There is a key hidden in your heart that will unlock the gates of freedom, only you can unlock it" - S. Anja

"There is a key hidden in your heart that will unlock the gates of freedom, only you can unlock it" - S. Anja

Make the commitment to yourself to reclaim your sovereignty, foster deep sisterhood, and empower the rising Divine Feminine within you!

Trust, authenticity, and confidentiality are of up-most importance.

Space is limited. Early bird pricing in effect until September 6.