Lunar Love

Photo Credit Randi Strunk of Brightside Photography

Photo Credit Randi Strunk of Brightside Photography

Each month around the new and full moon, I send Lunar Love letters out to my community. This is where I share from the heart, where I speak about my passions, my creative pursuits, and what I am working on and/or struggling with. Rather than blogging, which I still do, I love the cozy space and intimacy that an intentional letter seems to invoke.

These love letters are deeply cathartic for me. They are the space in which I reflect upon all that has transpired for me each lunar cycle, allowing me to consider and weave in the astrological themes and impacts. It is in these letters where I gather my thoughts and compile everything into a compartmentalized virtual journal of sorts. 

When you sign up for Lunar Love you gain access to the Sisterhood Library, a secret page containing free screensavers and other downloadable goodies. As a subscriber, you will be the first to know about upcoming events and will also receive a discount code for my online shop

If you would like to read a recent Lunar Love letter, you can do so here. Enjoy!