The next workshop is tenatively planned for early 2018

What is a Crystal Workshop?

"Often you have to rely on your intuition" Bill Gates

A Crystal Workshop is a safe space to connect with your intuition and hone your inner guidance by using crystals as the tools to amplify your natural talents and gifts.


Do you feel a call to learn more about how to use and work with crystals? Are you eager to learn more about the metaphysical properties of crystals but feel overwhelmed and aren't sure where to begin?

In this interactive workshop, Alauna Whelan and Brooke Russell will assist you in connecting to your own innate wisdom. They will provide practical and simple approaches on how to integrate and use crystals to support your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Brooke and Alauna are both self professed crystal hoarders. They have been working with crystals for years. Whether using crystals for adornments, talismans, through altar building or in crystal grids we have found crystalline beings to be such joyful companions. 

Working with crystals and crystal energy is SO much fun!

This workshop will cover practices on how to listen to your intuition and cross reference your intuitive messages with resources to build confidence. You will learn how to clear, charge, and program crystals. We will also cover metaphysical properties and how to utilize crystals for supporting and balancing chakras. 

Alauna and Brooke will assist you in gaining confidence and clarity on how your intuition communicates with you and how you can use your individual strengths to work with crystals from an empowered space.

We invite you, with open arms and intuitive hearts, to join our sacred space.

Each participant will be provided with a carefully curated crystal kit to take home, valued at over $50.

Also included are beautiful handouts and light refreshments. 

You are encouraged to bring some sacred objects or crystals to incorporate into our group altar. These objects might include a favorite picture, deity, crystals, seashells, feathers, rocks, acorns, poetry, devotional items, jewelry, cards, etc.

You may also choose to bring along a journal, drink, and/or a snack. 

A reminder that ticket sales are final and non-transferable. No refunds will be issued.