Dear Kindness {April Love}

Dear Kindness,

You are my closest ally. I try to embody you always.

I falter, I stumble. And I struggle to embrace you fully when others share you with me. I am working on receiving your gifts.

More recently, I am extending myself your softness. It's a bit foreign and uncomfortable, but I am trying. I have started with small things like full enjoyment of a good coffee, listening to my heart and allowing it to lead. Through these small steps, I hope to gain momentum. I do hope I make you proud.



Dear Family {April Love}

Dear Family,

I always wanted our home to be filled with love and understanding. Isn't it amazing, we have created just that?!

Laughter, joy, anger, sadness... there is room for all these emotions to be expressed safely. Love and affection is given freely. And I am sure there's a dash of dysfunction to ensure each of us is well-rounded ;)

I am so blessed to share this life with my soul mate and my two most precious boys.